Thursday, December 1, 2011

Colorful Lincoln City

During the thanks giving holiday, we went to Lincoln city for a 3 days 2 nights stayed. It was an awesome expereince and we were lucky that during our stayed, the weahter is dry and sunny. From the hotel where we stayed, the coho oceanfront, we can have a super nice view of the Pacific Ocean. Listening to the sounds of ocean and feeling the cool breeze were really making us relax. In the afternoon, many peoeple were strolling along the beach or walking their dogs when it's low tide. But we were advised by the local folks not to standing at the rock to take pictures as the wave is unpredictable and it maybe dangerous. True enough, after he said that one big waves coming towards us and we were running before get wet! :)
Other than enjoying the ocean and beach, we also went shopping at the Tanger Outlet in Lincoln City. Although many said the sales is really crazy during day after thanks giving, but i dont really think so. Some of the baby cloth i bought from Oshkosh few months ago is actually cheaper than now. Well, it might be just a special case for this, but who knows :)

On the next day, we brought our daughter to the famous Oregon Coast Aquarium in the Newport. On the journey to the Newport, we passed by a place called Boiler Bay. People stop by to witness the magnifiecent view of the ocean wave hitting on the rock, splashing easily 5 feet talls of water.(see the photo below)

As for the Oregon Coast Aquarium, it is not very big or many sea creatures, and we managed to visit it in around 2 hours time. Worth to mention is the giant crab found in the Aquarium. It's the biggest crab in the world and we never seen such a creatures before. I'm a crab lover and wonder how it would taste, hehe :)

Oregon Coast view from Coho Oceanfront, Lincoln City

During Low tide

Lots of seagulls that never afraid of people

My daughter enjoying her Doritos chip by the beach
See what i told you - they were aiming at the guys with food,@Boiler Bay
Ocean wave splashing at the rock

Biggest crab in the world - Newport Oregon Coast

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Beautiful Commonwealth Lake park

Just found out recently that there is a beautiful Lake Park in Beaverton, called Commonwealth Lake Park. The main attraction of the park to us, is the flock of ducks and goose who wandering freely in the park and the awesome reflection view on the lake. Well, picture paint a thousand words, just take a look on these fantastic pictues....

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Birds watching experience at Ridgefield Wildlife Refugee

We were so lucky that last sunday was a sunny day and so we went visited the Ridgefield Wildlife Refugee in Washington State, just about 45 minutes from Portland, toward the north. It's our first experience doing birdwatching in a natural park and the feeling is so wonderful. The entrancee fees is USD3 per car and we are not suppose to come out from the car during the winter season. This is to ensure a quality bird viewing opportunity for all. As we were not prepare with binocular and zoom lenses, we were not able to capture the closer picture of the birds, but the sceneray in the park is just fantastic as we drive along the River "S"unit. We spotted a flock of goose, the Great Blue Heron, Hawk and a fox! The entired journey tooks about 1/2 hour if we dont stopped at multitle locations...i think we spend almost 2 hours there, admiring the nature beauty...I would highly recommend this place to all nature lovers...
Ridgefiled national wildlife refugee- A duck swimming at the lake

I think this is Great Blue Heron

Somehow, I love this view so much!

and this too...look at the reflection at the lake, awesome!

Flock of Goose..

Spotted a hawk

Surprised! A fox!

Information counter, bye, see you next time!

Friday, November 18, 2011

Bridal Veil Falls Oregon

What makes me love the Bridal Veil falls is not bacause of the falls itself, but the breathtaking view along the path to this falls. This falls is just 10 minute drive from multnomah falls. From the car park area, we walk for about 10minutes to get to the falls's view point. However, because the scenary along the way is so fascinating, we took our own sweet time to enjoy the view and took lots of nice pictures. The falls itself consists of two cascades in quick succession along angling rockfaces, so when there is a good amount of water the falls looks very much like its namesake.

The entrance to the Bridal Veil falls, Oregon

The nice little house at the entrance is actually the toilet :)

Nice river view before reaching Bridal Veil falls

Like this view so much, the big trunk tree is located perfectly beside the river...

The Bridal Veil Falls

View from the falls' viewing deck

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Visit to Mt Hood

Me and my husband have been to Mt Hood before on different time and at different spot. Mt Hood is pretty big and we couldnot recalled exactly which spot actually we were last time. So this time we decided to visit the Timberline Lodge at Mt hood. It was about 1.5 hours driving from portland and on the way you will passed through 2 towns, the Gresham and Sandy. Lots of shopping and foods along the roadside while you passing through this 2 towns. Mt hood village is the first resort we see when we reached at the Mt Hood area. As we contiune the journey, we came to an area where winter driving condition is ahead and we were unprepared. Then suddenly we enter to the area with snow but luckily the road is still now covered by snow. This is the first time me and my husband driving in such a condition and we was totally freak out and dont know what to do...'When we reached to the left turn to the entraceof Timberline Lodge, the road condition was really bad and covered with snow,somemore it was a little steep up the hill. M husband drive for half a mile then we decided to return to the main road. Although we were not able to reach Timberline Lodge, we managed to visit the Tillium Lake. The scenary along the way to the Tillium lake is awsesome, and of course the lake itself is very beautiful too....

Road to Timberline Lodge

Going to the Lake Trillium

Trillium Lake

Friday, October 28, 2011

Fun place for kids- Portland Children Musuem

Recently we brought Kai Shuen to the Portland Children's Musuem, and she really have lots of fun and exposure there. The "Musuem" is not like the musuem we used to thought of. It was built with several themed section include a shopping area, water feature pplay ground, rubber dirt section, a small theater, some project area like the clay modeling and so on...The objective of the musuem is to let children have some real life experience and of course, to have FUN. It is really a paradise for kids and good business for adults :) ( I'm thinking how can i bringing this concept back to my home country, Malaysia :))
Take a look at the picture below, and I'm sure you felt the urge to bring your kids there too, right?

Portland Children's Musuem entrance. USD9/person. Baby below 1 is free.

The shopping area where kids can scan and check out their "purchase".

Rubber dirt digging area..She really works hard in there :)

She loves playing with this bus

Water section

Lego exhibition

Nice Castle of Lego

The theatre that nurture future artists and film directors. Got drums, xylophone, micophone and other musical instruments         


Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Winery tour to Dundee hills

Oregon has many vineyard, and we had choosen the Dundee hills area as our first destination for wine exploration. It is less than an hour drive from Portland to the southwest. We first stopped by the Red Ridge farm where they offer olive oil tasting, selling variety of outdoor pottery, houseplants, aromatic herbs and gifts. But what makes it even facinating is its spectacular view of the vineyard. Visitors can savor a fabulous wine in a spectacular setting with amzing view. They also have the accomodation for wine-country getaways, good for couples to recuperate from daily hassle life :)
View from the car park of the Red Ridge Farm

Lavendar to the back of the gift store

View towards the lavendar farm and the gift store on right

Relax under the nicely decorated shelter
Since there is no wine tasting at Red Ridge farm yet, we move to de Ponte Cellars which is just 5 minutes drive from Red Ridge farm up the hill. We bought their flagship 2009 pinot noir and the 2010 melon de Bourgogne which is their specialty, only available in their farm. Buying 2 bottles of wine will wave the tasting fees of USD10/tasting. We really have a great and relaxing day.
Vineyard of De Ponte Cellars

Another view of de Ponte Cellars

Wine tasting room at de Ponte Cellars